3 thoughts on “Paddle Out for Pieter

  1. marja asselé says:

    mooi, verdrietig, emotioneel, krachtig, prachtig eerbetoon, saamhorigheid, hechte vriendengroep, tranen, drank, surf, zon, water, lach, bloemen.
    Het was goed zo.

  2. papajoerch says:

    Best from Dortmund; 54 – old – Boarder; not good in replies or comments; but in this case I have to say:

    => my fully respect for this Paddle Out!!!! Good to have such Buddies. Way to go!

  3. Almar says:

    A great way to farewell such an awesome person.
    You are missed by many.

    Farewell Pieter.


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