North.Sea film

Surfweer @ the North.Sea – a film by Thomas Roos

Is there surf in The Netherlands? Yes, there is definitely some fun to be had. But the best swells usually come with winter, when it's windy, cold and grey. Surfing in the Netherlands is not about boardshorts, sun and long days at the beach. It's about braving the elements with your friends, occasionally getting rewarded with superb conditions when everything comes together.This footage was collected and edited by Thomas Roos during autumn and I wanted to have everyone have a place in it. No matter the skill level, everyone who was out there had fun and that's what it's all about! (I just wish someone had been on that nugget at 02:43..)Let's make sure we can enjoy the ocean in the years to come by keeping it clean and healthy!

Geplaatst door Surfweer op Dinsdag 18 december 2018
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